Classes from previous semesters

Here are the pages/syllabi from classes I taught from Spring 1997-Spring 2006.

  1. Spring 2007.
    1. Math 221b, Knots and Low-Dimensional Topology. Syllabus.
  2. Fall 2006.
    1. Math 121a, Topology I. Home Page and Syllabus.
  3. Spring 2006
    1. Math 22b, Multivariable Calculus. Syllabus Home page is on WebCT.
    2. Math 32a, Differential Geometry. Syllabus Home page is on WebCT.
  4. Fall 2005
    1. Math 23b, Introduction to Proofs. Syllabus Home page is on WebCT.
    2. Math 110a, Geometric Analysis. Syllabus
  5. Spring 2005
    1. Math 20a, Applied Linear Algebra Course Home Page
  6. Fall 2004
    1. Math 21a, Linear Algebra Course Home Page.
    2. Math 221a, Topology III Course Home Page
  7. Spring 2004
    1. Math 15a, Applied Linear Algebra Course Home Page.
    2. Math 110b, Differential Geometry Course Home Page
  8. Fall 2003
    1. Math 20a, Techniques of Calculus: Calculus of Several Variables Course Home Page
  9. Spring 2003
    1. Math 28b, Introduction to Rings and Fields Course Description
    2. Math 110b, Riemannian Geometry and Lie groups Course Description
  10. Fall 2002.
    1. Math 10b, Calculus
    2. Math 211a, Topics in analysis (The heat equation and the index theorem)
  11. Spring 2002.
    1. Math 32a, Differential Geometry. Class trip: ice cream at Lizzy's.
    2. Math 221b, Seiberg-Witten theory and 4-manifolds. Course description
  12. Fall 2001. Math 21a, Linear Algebra. Course materials and assignments.
  13. Spring 2000. Math 32b, Differential Geometry. Course materials and assignments.
  14. Fall 1998.
    1. Math 211a, Topics in Differential Geometry and Analysis. Outline of the course: we did the index theorem, via the heat equation method. There's more in the outline than in the course.
    2. Spring 1998. Math 28b, Introduction to Abstract Algebra (II). Homework assignments for the full semester.
  15. Spring 1998. Math 221b, Graduate Topology course on Symplectic and Contact topology. Outline and references for the course. Needless to say, I didn't cover everything!
  16. Spring 1997. Math 21b, Introduction to Abstract Algebra (II). Class description and homework assignments.
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