Math 21a: Applied Linear Algebra

Fall 2004

Instructor: Prof. Daniel Ruberman
E-mail: Office: Goldsmith 310 Phone: 736-3074
Class schedule: Mon., Weds.1-2, Thurs. 1-3 Goldsmith 101.
Office hours (for the first two weeks): Monday 11-12, Wednesday 11-12, Thursday 10-11, and by appointment.
Textbook: Linear Algebra (3d edition) by Fraleigh and Beauregard.
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There are two other linear algebra courses at Brandeis, Math 15 and Math 22a, and choosing correctly is important. Roughly speaking, the topics in covered in Math 22 are similar to those in this course, but the treatment is more theoretical and somewhat faster paced. The two courses have the same schedule, to simplify changing between them. Math 15 is a much less theoretical course than either 21 or 22 (you won't do very many proofs) and also covers less ground. You are strongly advised to discuss your placement with me and/or Professor Schwarz (Math 22), or one of the department's undergraduate advisors, Professors Monsky and Levine.

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