Math 32a, Spring 2002

Course Description: This course elementary differential geometry, using the tools of linear algebra and advanced calculus. We will use the book Elementary Topics Differental Geometry (Springer, 1979) by J.A. Thorpe. The course will cover Chapters 1-12,14,15, and some additional topics. (I hope to get as far as the Gauss-Bonnet theorem.)

Here is a slightly more detailed outline of the course.

Homework Assignments

Supplemental Materials: From time to time I will supply some additional explanations or background relating to topics in the course. These will be in the form of PDF files.

Topic Brief description
Differential Equations Some background on the existence and uniqueness theorems for ordinary differential equations.

Grading: There will be a final, and a midterm, as well as weekly homework and one or two quizzes.

Office Hours: Tuesday 10-12 and Friday 11-12, and by appointment. I tend to be around a lot, so you can also try to drop in and see if I'm free. If you want to make an appointment, the best thing is to send me an email. In either case, it might make sense to look at my schedule first. My office is 310 Goldsmith; phone is x63074; I usually respond to email immediately if I'm around.

Grader: You should contact the grader for the course, Xiaowei Wang directly if you have questions on the grading of any of your work.