Topology Seminar Spring 2019

Tuesdays 2-3:00

Goldsmith 317

This semester, the Topology seminar will be devoted to readings about the mapping class group, with lectures by graduate students and faculty. We will mainly follow the book of Farb and Margalit, A Primer on Mapping Class Groups. We will also have a couple of visiting speakers, as usual.


Date Speaker Title
January 29 Kiyoshi Igusa The nearby Lagrangian conjecture and its relation to algebraic K-theory
February 5 Daniel Ruberman Spines of spineless 4-manifolds.
February 12 Angelica Deibel Basics of Mapping class groups
February 19
No Seminar (Winter break)
February 26 Mike Wong (LSU) Introduction to Heegaard-Floer Homology
March 5 Charles Stine Dehn Twists
March 12 Qing Liu The Torelli group and Johnson homomorphisms
March 19 Andrei Pajitnov (Université de Nantes) Morse-Novikov number for 2-knots
March 26 Rose Morris-White Braid groups
April 2 No seminar due to conference at Tufts
April 9 Ian Montague Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates
April 16 Langte Ma The moduli space
April 23
No Seminar (Spring break)
April 30 Corey Bregman Meyer's signature cocycle
May 7 Daniel Álvarez-Gavela Legendrian Contact Homology and its relation to Morse theory