Brandeis Russian Club Holds First Social 


by Sonya Aronin and Marianna Kopelev




On Saturday, October 6 the newly re-chartered Brandeis Russian Club held its first event of the year.  Sherman Function Hall was filled with over 300 students from the Brandeis community who came to dance the night away.  The party featured modern Russian music by DJ Vita of club Il Panino.  “Great party! Thanks guys!” was one of the messages left in the guest book of “Polet Chizha” (“Siskin’s Flight”) radio show, which helped to organize the event.  “Siskin’s Flight” is the first Russian radio show on WBRS brought to us by Brandeis seniors Oleg Chizh and Maria Levin, who are also the founders of the Russian Club. (Polet Chizha airs Fridays, 5-7PM on WBRS (100.1FM). It can also be heard at http://www.russianbostonradio.com.) 

The party wasn’t just a dance.  At one point in the evening, a limbo contest was held and prizes were given out to the most flexible Brandeisian. The winner was actually one of a group of two who went under the bar hand in hand.  In the last round, junior Dmitriy Gurevich “dropped” his partner for the grand prize. 

The highlight of the evening was a performance by the “Taylor Street” band.  The group was formed about a year ago and is named after the Waltham street on which many of the members reside.  Taylor Street” is made up of current and past Brandeis students.  Lead singers seniors Karina Gritsenko and Oleg Chizh and University of Connecticut graduate Mikhail Zingman charmed the audience with stunning vocals.  A new member of the band, freshman Kirill Cehoval played the acoustic guitar, Mikhail Zingman switched between the keyboard and the guitar, and brothers Daniel and Iosif Aminov contributed to the group the sounds of an electric and a base guitar.  Taylor Street” performed popular Russian rock compositions by such groups, as “DDT”, “Nochnye Snajpery” (“Night Snipers”) and “Mashina Vrememi” (“Time Machine”).

“The party was a great beginning of a new era for the Brandeis Russian club,” comments Brandeis junior Eliza Agrest.  The party proved that the once active Russian Brandeis community is eager to reunite and bring Russian cultural activities to the campus.  A significant turnout of non-Russian students at the dance party was an indicator that the club is working to bring together students of different backgrounds.  The club plans to hold Russian movie nights, literary discussions over tea, more dance parties and other social events.