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For Students

We are always looking for new writers with new and exciting ideas! As a new magazine on campus, we started strong but we believe there is still lots to improve. This is where you come in. If you are interested in helping with the magazine, just come to one of our meetings or email us. You can help us with articles, layout, graphics, webpage and your feedback.

You can check our issues and find more information about the writers on this website. We hope our previous issues will encourage and inspire you to write for the next one. Feel free to contact our editors for more information.


For Faculty

As we created this magazine, we wanted to focus it on the research on campus and thus on the Brandeis faculty. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the articles written so far. We constantly need your help to better the magazine as we need experienced minds to edit our articles and tell us our mistakes. We also need your support to extend our resources to become a better and more comprehensive publication about sciences at Brandeis University.



For Everyone Else

We appreciate every bit of financial support and feedback from everyone. We can publish your advertisement and mention your support in our magazine. Your feedback will help us get better.