The lab is a great place to work

The Vision Laboratory at Brandeis University is guided by the wise rules promulgated first by a fine daycare in Toronto. The rules (shown at the right) are strict, but are very good rules to follow.

You can tell a lot about a lab from the papers that its members choose to read and discuss at lab meetings. Here's what we read and discussed recently.
Our fabulous operating manual provides basic information for newcomers, like how to use LaTeX, BibDesk, and Skim, how to compute standard errors properly, how to recruit and arrange payment of research subjects, crucial differences between the lab's venial and mortal sins, and how to seek absolution for some of the less egregious sins.

Community outreach is an important responsibility for researchers. Here's an exciting event that was part of Brain Awareness Week 2008.

Candid (and less-than candid) photos of lab stuff.

Never easy keeping a busy lab clean; Here's our science-based approach. It works like a charm.
Reproducible research. To promote reproducibility of our work, lab members are encouraged to do analyses and computations a form that can be shared with others, in the lab and elsewhere. Here's a sample of what that approach produces. This particular simple example was generated using knitr markdown in RStudio.