Not much science on this page, just an idiosyncratic hodgepodge, hence a farrago.

The English language, in my biased opinion, is a fantastic instrument for expressing yourself.
Here's an idiosyncratic list of some of my favorite English words.

If you want to give a truly dreadful presentation in a seminar (or an awful talk at a scientific meeting),
here are tried-and-true tips that will help you achieve your dubious goal.

Dugald Stewart is virtually unknown today, but that Scottish philosopher had some real insights into human cognition,
including how one could improve one's memory. To whet the appetite, here's a sample of Stewart (1753-1828).

My passion for hot peppers stimulated me to prepare a short piece on the psychophysics of pepper pungency.

Here's my academic genealogy, acknowledging some of the giants on whose shoulders I stand totter.

A few of my stained glass projects.
One day I'll post a photo of my stained glass human brain (lateral view of left hemisphere of course).

Halloween 2009.
Watch your back, Captain Jack

Brain talk with some fourth graders.
December 2009 at Mt. Pleasant Elementary