Many people rightly believe that "Neatness counts."
Some people swear that "Cleanliness is next to godliness."
And still others put their faith in similar propositions.

When people work in an active lab, things can sometimes get un-neat and un-clean.
The Vision Lab's strategy for ensuring neatness and cleanliness quite naturally exploits some things that we know about vision.

Researchers have found that "people behave differently when they believe they are being watched because they are worried what others will think of them." Behavior can be influenced by something as simple as an image in which human eyes seem to be watching us. And this works even if those eyes are disembodied.

To preserve the cleanliness and neatness of its food-prep area, our lab takes this finding about watchful eyes one step further.

With this image in plain view, no one, not even the lab director, dares to be messy!!
I'm watching you