Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, NPsy 22

Prerequisites: PSYC 1a or MATH 10a or instructor's permission.
This course explores how the human brain makes the human mind. It covers neural and behavioral dimensions of attention, memory and learning, perception, motor control, plasticity and planning. Emphasis on laboratory research, studies of brain disorders, and neuroimaging. Usually offered every year.
Mr. Sekuler

In Fall 2009, the instructor developed and implemented a module on autism. That module proved to be highly successful, and has been retained and expanded. Textbook: MS Gazzaniga, R Ivry, GR Mangun (2008) Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience (3rd edition).

Fall 2010 Syllabus in .pdf format


Perception: Human, Animal & Machine, NPsy 12
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or MATH 10a or instructor's permission.
Examines the human senses, emphasizing sight and hearing, studied from standpoints of anatomy, physiology, and psychophysics. Insights from the study of special observers, including developmentally immature humans, members of nonhuman species, and people with abnormal sensory systems. Usually offered every year.
Mr. Sekuler

Textbook: R Blake, R Sekuler (2005) Perception (5th edition)

Fall 2008 Syllabus in .pdf format