Relay for Live
The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is a team
event to fight cancer in which people gather to celebrate
the lives of those who have had cancer, remember those
lost, and fight back against a disease which takes too
much. SGAC participated in this event, signing up a team.
Lose the Shoes
The Grassroots Soccer organization uses soccer as a
means to teach children about HIV / AIDS in Africa. They
hold a 3v3 soccer tournament at Brandeis every
semester. For the second time, SGAC had a table at the
event with information about HIV / AIDS
and helped to run the tournament.
Date Auction
SGAC held a date auction in conjunction with
Bronstein Week. All proceeds went to the
Samoei Community Development Program.
God Sleeps in Rwanda
SGAC was one of several groups which participated in the
screening of God Sleeps in Rwanda, a documentary about
women in Rwanda who have been affected by HIV. The
film follows them as they tried to recover from the atrocities
they have faced. SGAC also helped to host a fundraiser
dinner - all the proceeds went to a foundation in Rwanda
which helps the survivors of the genocide.
Free HIV Testing
A semesterly event! Volunteer testers from the
 Boston Medical Center come to Brandeis to
administer free HIV tests to Brandeis students.
While students are waiting to be tested we watch
movies, snack on pizza and present information
 on prevention of the disease.
Fighting AIDS in Africa
with guest Dr. Brian Williams
Dr. Brian Williams, an epidemiologist for the World
Health Organization, came to Brandeis University as a
distinguished visiting practitioner. He gave various
speeches and talks, including “A Day in the Life of an
Epidemiologist.” SGAC also sponsored an ice cream
social and Q&A session with Dr. Williams. His keynote
address, occurred at the end of the week, and was
entitled “Fighting AIDS in Africa: Public Health vs.
Human Rights.”
Spring 2009
SGAC hosted multiple fundraising events, brought a guest speaker to campus, and participated in other campus events.