World AIDS Week 2008
During World AIDS Week 2008, SGAC put on a number of events, including film screenings, taping a giant ribbon on Rabb steps, an AIDS vigil and our semesterly Free HIV Testing day. The week’s schedule of events is below.
December 1, 2008
Monday, December 1
World AIDS Day!
Anyone who has been on the Brandeis campus has seen the infamous Rabb steps - 52 outside stairs that lead to the humanities buildings. For World AIDS Day, and to kick off World AIDS Week, SGAC members will stand on the steps and pass out condoms, AIDS ribbons, and our World AIDS Week schedule to students passing by on their way to classes. We also will run red tape up and down the steps to form a giant red ribbon - hence the name Ribbon on Rabb.
Ribbon on Rabb (10:00 - 1:00)
Beat the Drum film screening (6:00)
We will be screening the movie Beat the Drum, a film about a South African town affected by AIDS and a young boy whose life is changed by the disease.
Tuesday, December 2
Humanitarian Notes is an organization which seeks to spread awareness and information about HIV / AIDS to various African countries through music. The Humanitarian Notes United States Outreach Coordinator is a Brandeis undergraduate student. We will be teaming up with him to present information about the disease in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium, while playing music from Humanitarian Notes.
We will also have passerbys sign a petition - but instead of signing on paper, they will be signing on a giant AIDS ribbon, which we will then send to a politician.
Activism in the Atrium (5:00 - 7:00)
Wednesday, December 3
Our Second Annual AIDS Vigil! Last years’ was a huge success so we will be holding another vigil in the Peace Circle, around dusk. On the ground is a giant aids ribbon with tea lights, which passerbys can stop and light to remember the victims of HIV / AIDS.
AIDS Vigil (4:00)
Thursday, December 4
We will be tabling in Usdan Dining Hall during lunch times - fundraising for SCORE-OVC, presenting HIV / AIDS information, and of course selling t-shirts. We will also have our giant AIDS ribbon petition available to sign.
Tabling in Usdan (11:00 - 2:00)
Friday, December 5
Our third Free HIV Testing Day - which has now become a staple of World AIDS Week. Volunteer testers from the Boston Medical Center come to Brandeis to administer free HIV tests to Brandeis students. While students are waiting to be tested we watch movies, snack on pizza and present information on prevention of the disease.
For an appointment, e-mail
Even if you have an appointment, you may have to wait.
Free HIV Testing Event (10:00 - 3:00)