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Monographs and Published Reports

M014.Rwiyereka AK, Shepard D, Nzambimana J, Kioko M, Nyirazinyoye L, Mtei G, Baine S. Situational Analysis and Feasibility Study of Options for Harmonization of Social Health Protection Systems towards Universal Health Coverage in the East African Community Partner States. Arusha, Tanzania: East African Community Secretariat, 2014. Web:

M013.Shepard DS. (Guest editor). Special issue on disease burden. Dengue Bulletin (published by the World Health Organization) 34:i-108, 2011. Web:

M012.Bongiovanni A, Shepard DS, Prottas J, Hamad KA, Greenan A, Billingsley C, Thomas CP, Ellender S, Gabay M. Study of Frozen Embryo Donation/Adoption Services: Final Report (Contract Number GS10F0405M, Order HHSP233200800419G, for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs). Washington, DC: QED Group, LLC and Waltham, MA: Brandeis University, 2010.

M011.Shepard DS, Stason WB, Strickler GK, Lee AJ, Bhalotra S, Ritter G, Suaya JA, Gurewich D, Fournier S, Zeng W, Razavi SM, Hurley CL. Evaluation of Lifestyle Modification and Cardiac Rehabilitation in Medicare Beneficiaries. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), 2009. Web: Also:

M010.Brown JL Shepard DS, Martin T, Orwat J. The economic cost of domestic hunger: Estimated annual burden to the United States. An analysis commissioned by the Sodexho Foundation in partnership with The Public Welfare Foundation and Spunk Fund, Inc. 2007. Web:

M009.Shepard DS, Beinecke RH, Daley M. (Guest editors). Managed behavioral health: a report on the first statewide carve-out, a special double issue. Administration and Policy in Mental Health 32(4):307-476, 2005.

M008. [Shepard DS, Beaston-Blaakman A, Horgan C.] The ADSS Cost Study: Costs of Substance Abuse Treatment in the Specialty Sector. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies, DHHS Publication No. SMA 03-3762, Analytic Series: A-20, 2003. Web:

M007. Callahan JJ Jr, Shepard DS, Beinecke RH, Larson MJ, Cavanaugh D. Evaluation of the Massachusetts Medicaid Mental Health/Substance Abuse Program. Waltham, MA: Institute for Health Policy, Heller School, Brandeis University, January 1994.

M006. Shepard DS, Editor. Economic impact of malaria in Africa. Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 42(3,Supplement I):197-224, 1991.

M005. Shepard DS, Vian T, Kleinau EF. Health insurance in Zaire. Policy Research and External Affairs Working Paper WPS 489. Washington, DC: The World Bank, Africa Technical Department, August 1990.

M004. Shepard DS, Durch JS. International comparison of resource allocation in health sciences: an analysis of expenditures on biomedical research in 19 industrialized countries. Reprints from the collections of the University of Michigan Library. 1985. Web:

M003. Shepard DS, Karon SL. The Market for Wheelchairs: Innovations and Federal Policy (Health Technology Case Study 30), OTA-HCS-30, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, 1984.

M002. Shepard DS, Ghanotakis AJ. Reports of the Massachusetts Funds Flow Project. Springfield, VA: National Technical Information Service. Titles of individual reports (NTIS number) and date as follows:
- Federal health expenditures in Massachusetts (HRP-0029324), 1980.
- Issues raised by the analysis of federal health expenditures (HRP-0029325), 1980.
- Local government health expenditures in Massachusetts (HRP-0029326), 1980.
- Finances and enrollment of Massachusetts health maintenance organizations (HRP-0029327), 1980.
- State government health expenditures in Massachusetts (HRP-0029328), 1980.
- Trends in Massachusetts health expenditures (HRP-0029329), 1980.
- Expenditures on professional health services in Massachusetts (HRP-0029330), 1980.
- Nursing and rest home expenditures in Massachusetts (HRP-0029331), 1980.
- Expenditures on eyeglasses and appliances in Massachusetts (HRP-0029332), 1980.
- Expenditures on drugs and drug sundries in Massachusetts (HRP-0029333), 1980.
- Massachusetts public sector health expenditures (HRP-0029334), 1980.
- Hospital costs in Massachusetts (HRP-0029335), 1979.
- Expenditures of home health agencies in Massachusetts (HRP-0029338), 1980.
- Private health insurance expenditures in Massachusetts (HRP-0029337), 1980.
- Expenditures for other health services in Massachusetts (HRP-0029338), 1980.
- Health expenditures by philanthropy and industry (HRP-0029340), 1980.

M001. Shepard DS. Prediction and Incentives in Health Care Policy. Ph.D. Dissertation, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Ann Arbor: Xerox University Microfilms (#77 11744), 1977.

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