Sophia A. Malamud


Courses at Brandeis University

Ling 100: Introduction to Linguistics (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 130: Formal Semantics (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 140: Discourse and Pragmatics (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 160: Mathematical Methods in Linguistics (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 173: Psycholinguistics (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 190: Topics in Linguistics: The Heritage Language Experience (past syllabus/course page)

Ling 197: Language Acquisition and Development (past syllabus/course page)


Teaching elsewhere

  • •  University of Pennsylvania. Ling 553: Formal Semantics.
    Substitute Instructor (2 lectures)
         Graduate course. Introductory lecture - set theory, formal logic.
         Lecture on intensionality - intensional expressions in natural language, implementation in formal logics.

  • •  University of Pennsylvania. Ling 001: Introduction to Linguistics.
    Summer course instructor

  • •  University of Pennsylvania. Ling 106: Formal Methods in Linguistics.
    Teaching assistant
         Material includes set theory, propositional logic, information theory, formal language theory, automata theory, trees, as well as a brief introduction to the semantics of natural language.

  • • UPenn 5th IRCS/CCN Undergraduate Summer Workshop in Cognitive Science & Cognitive Neuroscience.
         Intensive introductory lecture on Theoretical Linguistics

  • • Double Discovery Center/ Columbia University, New York, New York.
    Mathematics teacher [5 classes]
         8th and 9th grade mathematics teacher for Early Intervention Initiative
         trigonometry and Pre-Calculus teacher for Talent Search High School
    Developing the curricula, syllabi, and lesson plans, and teaching mathematics to first-generation college-bound students from impoverished and disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • • KAPLAN Educational Services, Brooklyn, New York
    Teacher of SAT Preparation

  • • Asociaciones Dominicanas/Summer Youth Employment Program, New York, New York.
    Teacher of Pre-Employment Skills
         Curriculum development, lesson preparation, teaching and assessment of job search skills, resume writing, letter composition, interview skills, and networking to underpriveledged city youth ages 14 - 21

  • • University of Pennsylvania Tutoring and Learning Resources
    Individual tutor for university students in Calculus I, II, III, and IV, and Physics I

  • • Wilson Elementary School/America Reads Project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    Classroom teacher assistant, afterschool program tutor


Associate Professor
Language & Linguistics Program
Department of Computer Science
Laboratory for Linguistics and Computation
Meaning In Language Research Group (MILa)


Phone: 781-736-2225        
Office: Volen, 137
Mail: MS 018
         415 South Street
         Brandeis University
         Waltham, MA 02454

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