Snowboarding Meetings and Information

I know I haven't contacted the old people from the club, as soon as I have a chance I will combine the list of new people with old people, this meeting was more to get a feel of how many new people are really interested in snowboarding this year. As I guessed, not many people showed up for the first meeting, thank you to the ones that did. If you let me know that you couldn't get to the meeting don't think I am ignoring you, I got your e-mail but I have been really busy lately.

Important stuff from the meeting:
We want to do some fund raisers so that we can keep the costs of snowboarding trips as low as possible since that is most peoples primary concern (instead of enjoying the thrill of snowboarding at any cost), but we will need everyones help to make it worth it. I will post details of varius fundraising activities as soon as I get them and I will probably schedule a meeting as needed. For now, checking this page is the best way to stay up to date.
We want to have the meetings off campus, we know it is a little more inconvenient for everyone else but we live a short five minute walk from school. It would be more like hanging out than having a meeting so I think it would be more enjoyable this way. If this doesn't work out we can always go back to having the meetings in the Fleet lobby but since none of you show up anyway I would rather sit in my living room waiting than in Fleet lobby.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions please voice your opinions here.