Snowboarding Trips

We are currently planning a trip for one of the spring breaks to Stowe Mountain in Vermont. We want to stay in the stone hut on the top of the mountain. We did this trip 2 years ago and it was very successful, we all had a great time. For this trip we will need a deposit of about $100, prices depend on how many people go and how long we stay for. I will give some figures when I have them

During the Spring semester we would like to take a trip to a mountain every weekend. We will probably be going to Killington or one of the other mountains included in the pass that most of us are getting. If you plan on snowboarding much this winter it would be a good idea to get this pass but you must get it before October 15.

We need help with transportation. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or if anyone would consider driving please contact us

If anyone wants to go on a trip during winter break or has trip suggestions, again, contact us