A Little Bit About Us

I just thought up this page so I'm going to give the people in this page a chance to redeem themselves, for now I will say as I wish.

The Snowboarding Club is a relativly new club. It was started by Juan Sanabria before I was around. He was president when I was a Freshman. People might tell you that the club was a little more organized or the trips were a little cheaper but you just tell them to screw off. He had connections we don't and I think we are doing a damn fine job.

Zeynup Akcakoca is our hook-up at the A-board. She took over as president but she does so much other shit that I don't remember seeing her much last year, hopefully this year she will have some time.

Oliver, Rory, and I all live together at 17 Shakespear Rd, hopefully that is where we will be having the meetings. Come by and say hey if you like. You can contact either me or oliver with any concerns about the club.

Michelle also knows whats going on. She was real helpfull doing the trips and shit last year

Hopefully you can tell that we are not a real formal club but we get shit done. Know that you know us make sure we get to know you. We are open to any ideas and the club is for people of all skill levels, we will help beginners to get them going and we welcome pros to teach us a thing or three. If your still reading this I'm guessing that you are honestly interested in joining us in the mountains so I hope to see you soon. Remember, there is no "i" in "team"!

Brandeis Snowboarding