Science on Saturdays/Sundays!!!

Science is fun to learn, even better to teach!

What we are....

Science on Saturdays/Sundays (SOS) is a student run organization of Brandeis University. We have made it our mission to teach science in the community to children from K-8th. grade levels. Our "teachers" are undergraduate students specializing in a broad range of sciences from physics and biochemistry to neuroscience and chemistry. We feel that as long as there are people out there willing to learn, we are willing to teach!

If you'd like to volunteer for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, please email us via the link below. If you are a school or a community center interested in having our club "visit" please email us via the link below as well. Finally, if you are just passing through and want to compliment us on our page or our club, please email us via the link below!!!!

Officers of SOS:

coordinator-in-chief / financial director : karina givstenko --- karina@brandeis.edu

vice presidents / curriculum coordinators divided up by grade levels :
a.) k-2 vera friedman --- vera@brandeis.edu
b.) 3-5 alison krupin --- akrupin@brandeis.edu
c.) 6-8 stephen berns-stberns@brandeis.edu

science fair coordinator : Steve Carpenter --- stevec@brandeis.edu

secretary : linh huynh --- ling47@brandeis.edu

director of public relations : marcus chong tim --- m21@brandeis.edu

Technology Specialist/Webmaster: kristophe karami --- karamik@brandeis.edu

Minutes from our 1st. Organizational Meeting on 9/29/99:


our purpose is to expose kids around the area to science.

what we will be doing:
a) working with the boys and girls club - this will be done about once a month on saturday or sunday from about 9am to 1pm. exactly how the program will run is not yet certain. we may do table setups in a big auditorium or split groups up by age into separate rooms. we are planning to hold the first event on Oct. 23, 1999.
b) working with elementary / middle schools - we may hold assemblies, or do table/ class room setups.
c) tutoring - tutor kids with science.

committee of SOS:


members are split into three groups, based on the grade level that they want to work with. please sign up with the coordinator of the grade level u would like to work with...vera, alison, or stephen.

if u are interested in tutoring, please contact the secretary, linh

we need lots of help with the public relations branch. if u are interested, please contact the director of public relations, marcus.

in the future, we would like to sponsor a science fair. it will not only include waltham but also nearby neighborhoods such as needham, brookline, and so forth. if u would like to help in any aspect with the science fair, please contact the science fair coordinator, steve.


Links of Interest:

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