When asked: What messages or knowledge did you take away from Sex Trek, presented by SSIS?

"I learned that is is important to embrace yourself and always be aware of your own personal boundaries, wherever those may be. The SSIS team was very willing to answer any and all questions, showing that nothing is taboo with them so you don't have to be shy" -Anonymous First-Year Student

"Students educating students is one of the most powerful ways to learn, in my opinion, and the members of SSIS continue to do an amazing job of that year after year. I always look forward to the new and innovative ways SSIS' presentations will be done and I am always impressed with the professional manner in which they share information on a variety of important topics with our new students." -Jenny Abdou

SSIS has transformed my college experience by giving me a wonderful group of compassionate individuals with whom I shared my time at Brandeis. Our extensive training equips each of our counselors with a deep understanding of empathy. SSIS has fostered my fascination for reproductive health, and instilled in me a drive to continue empowering my peers through non-judgmental and sex positive education. - SSIS Alum, '11