About Student Events

Mission Statement

Student Events is the Brandeis friendly programming board for the entire student body. Our goals are to maximize every student's involvement and fun! Together as a staff, we will accomplish this by combining our creativity and energy with the input of the entire student body to enhance the overall Brandeis experience.

About the Departments

Directors: Lauren Barish (lbarish@brandeis.edu), Ilyssa Adler (ima@brandeis.edu)

Finance Director: Ben Gordon (bengdn@brandeis.edu)

Directors of Concerts: Edana Appel (ecappel@brandeis.edu) and Shira Espo (srespo@brandeis.edu)
Concert Coordinators: Matt Kessler (kess@brandeis.edu), Inna Propkupets (innap@brandeis.edu)

Director of Social Events: Nikki Salzman (salz@brandeis.edu)
Social Events Coordinators: Amanda Eisinger (eisinger@brandeis.edu), Sara Inan (sara90@brandeis.edu)

Director of Films, Entertainment & Novelty Events: Kira Lacks (klacks@brandeis.edu)
Entertainment coordinators: Elise Diamond (ediamond@brandeis.edu), Ethan Goldstein

Volunteer/Membership Coordinator: Beth Katz (bkatz@brandeis.edu)
Community Outreach Coordinator: Amanda Hecker (ahecker@brandeis.edu)

Production Coordinator for Student Production Services :Wes Chisolm (wesley@brandeis.edu) 

Student Production Services
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