Meet The Board:


dancer101.gif - 833 BytesThe 2001-02 Board of Directors of the club are:dancer101.gif - 833 Bytes

President:  Aaron Olson,, (781)5294376
Aaron has been dancing for a short while, and is very excited to be leading such an active and involved club.  He plans to try and get more people to graduate to Lindy from ECS... but this mainly depends on him getting good enough to teach it.

Secretary:  Jesse Badiner,
Jesse is an English majoring Junior who is honored to represent this outstanding club as a board member. A good day for Jesse is accomplished by sharing the love of dance, music or literature with another, or learning a new dance move in life.

Treasurer:  Jeff Vernon,
Jeff is a world-reknowned Swing Dancing champion who has danced in competitions everywhere from Yemen to Zimbabwe. Actually, that's a lie. In truth, Jeff can barely walk, let alone dance well. But he loves doing it and, hey, isn't that what counts? Jeff is thrilled to be the Treasurer this year of the best club on campus.

Publicity:  Orin Davis,
When not fulfilling the requirements for the Neuroscience and Psychology majors, Orin is dancing away.  A big fan of breakdancing and swing, he hopes to bring in the arials and everybody in Boston.