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Upcoming Events:
  • Mar. 04, 2004. 10am ~ 2pm
    Krispy Kreme Sale
    @ Upper Usdan

  • Mar. 18, 2004. 8pm ~ 10pm
    Dance Troupe Workshop
    @ Schwartz Auditorium

  • Mar. 19, 2004. 7:00pm
    Cloud Dance Theatre
    @ Levin Ballroom

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Cloud Dance Theatre Photo Section

What: Krispy Kreme fundraiser When: March 4 (Thursday) 10am-2pm Where: Upper Usdan Price: $5/dz Pick up your donuts Thursday (3/11) 10pm-2pm Usdan upper lobby

袖飛 如 雲之 飄逸 The flying of sleeves, like clouds, floats leisurely. 前行 若 雲之 昇騰 The waving, like clouds, turns over and soars. 多變 似 雲之 幻化無窮 The variety, like clouds, metamorphoses boundlessly. 舞人 則以 水氣之姿 It seems that dancers are formed by liquid and gas’ condensation, 匯集凝聚 為 風形雲記 which is gathered and transformed into cloud waves. 可以柔弱似無 可以激發如電 They vanish as air and explode as thunderbolts. 全心全意 Wholeheartedly, 獻祭予舞蹈殿堂 invigorate the Dance Palace, 以柔 以剛 以身心 和靈魂 with gentleness, toughness, body, and soul. 優雅 移幻 古典 民族的 Graceful, magical, classical, and folk 深深銘印 characteristics profoundly 是為 achieve 雲 舞 者 Clouds Dance Theatre.

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