Sarah Bl.


Sarah has been singing with the lovely ladies of the Shirley Tempos since her freshman year. She is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in German, with the high hopes of someday calling the spirit of Freud up from the grave. Sarah hails from Pittsfield, MA., about 5 miles west of “that God forsaken stretch of land between exits 2 and 3,” and when she’s not singing the high squeaky part for Sexual Healing, divides her time evenly between the Emotion Lab, Shaw’s, and the common room of Ridgewood 5. Sarah wants to thank the ladies of the Shirley Tempos for making this the best semester that she’s had singing at Brandeis yet (thanks for putting up with the excess of bullets in my entirely too lengthy emails girls!), whoever invented PiCoLoMiNi, and especially the pseudosuities (and numbers 11-20ish) for being ever supportive and wonderful in every possible way.