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Entirely too many Christmas Letters!

My friends tease me about their length, so be forewarned. Following are all the letters I can find in my archives. Don't ask me why they are so popular, because I don't really know. But as long as I have fun writing them, my Christmas letters will be a four-page tradition.

They weren't always so long. In the early 1990s I sent out sporadic short Christmas bulletins to a few people. During the late 1990s, I had more to say and a longer mailing list. My reasoning for including so much was that in my busy life, some of these people only heard from us once a year. To keep in touch I needed to put a lot into my letters.

The year 2000 began the 4-page tradition. That year I went on a trip to Greece and Turkey. The trip was incredible for me, and writing about my adventures took up the space normally reserved for the year's news. I re-wrote several times, and then gave up and committed myself to two sheets of paper, double-sided. Since I wanted to tell many about my year 2000, I increased my mailing list to a record 100 people.

Unknowingly, I had created a hungry fan base. Many now expect the long letters. If I am late, I get worried inquiries from people afraid that they've been dropped from the list. I've been added to others' Christmas letters lists in return. It's a delicious vicious circle. Please enjoy your reading. If I can find a way to get my documents off my old floppies and zip drives, I may be able to post older letters.