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Article I- Name

The name of the organization shall be the Turkish Student Association.


Article II- Purpose

The purpose of the Turkish Student Association is twofold. First, it
intends to create awareness of contemporary Turkey through talks, cultural
events and gatherings. The talks will focus on current issues (economy,
foreign policy) and also more informal topics such as travel plans, folk
music, or Turkish cuisine. Second, Turkish Student Association aims at
fostering interaction between the members of the expanding Turkish
community at Brandeis University and their relations with the students
from other countries.

Article III- Method for Adopting the Constitution

The Constitution shall be adopted by the vote of the two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

Article IV- Membership

Section 1

Membership to the Turkish Student Association shall be open to all
Brandeis University students.

Section 2

Members of Turkish Student Association shall be accepted without
discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, class, age, and
sexual orientation or physical condition. Turkish Student Association will not charge its members fees or dues or will not engage in cost prohibitive activities without an attempt to offset costs through fundraising or allocated money.


Article V- Organization

Section 1

A. An Executive Board consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer,
and Secretary shall decide upon all policies of the Turkish Student

B. The members shall elect each officer of the Executive Board
separately and they shall reserve the right to remove any of the officers
from their office should he/she not fulfill the position's
responsibilities and duties.

C. With a majority vote of the members present at an official meeting, the
members may delegate to the Executive Board additional responsibilities
beyond their stated office duties as deemed necessary to enable Turkish
Student Association's activities.

Section 2

The Executive officers shall represent Turkish Student Association at all
functions, meetings and activities. The officers shall be accountable to
the members for the organization of the Turkish Student Association and
the communication between the Executive Board and members. The Executive
Board shall also coordinate all Turkish Student Association activities and
programs. The duties and functions of the officers of the Executive Board
are as follows:

A. President

1. Shall oversee all activities and projects of Turkish Student

2. Shall carry unlimited signatory powers to access funds.

3. Shall serve as the spokesman and/or liaison in all external matters as
a representative of Turkish Student Association.

B. Vice President

1. Shall preside at all meetings and functions that the President cannot

2. Shall fulfill his utmost to help the president and the other Executive
Board members with their duties.

3. Shall coordinate the activities.

C. Secretary

1. Shall be responsible for initiation and follow-through of requisitions
and accounts.

2. Shall process new membership applications.

3. Keep a record of all proceedings at stated meetings, activities, etc.

D. Treasurer

1. Shall carry signatory power to access Turkish Student Association

2. Shall provide semestrial financial reports to the Executive Board.


Section 3

A. Other committee members may be appointed by the Executive Council as
the Executive Board sees fit.


Article VI- Elections, Nominations and Removal

Section 1

A. Elections for Executive Board shall be held annually during the spring

B. The outgoing President shall call for elections and should allow a
reasonable amount of time for a member's declaration of candidacy to be
submitted to all the members.

Section 2

Only undergraduate members of the Turkish Student Association are eligible
to run for the Executive Board positions.

Section 3

A. Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present,
at an officially called election meeting.

B. Each member shall cast one vote.

C. All voting shall be done by closed ballot to be collected and tabulated
by the election committee, which is formed before the election.

Section 4

The President has the right to remove any officer that can't keep up with the
demand of their position with the support of the members.


Article VII- Amendments

The revisions to the Turkish Student Association Constitution shall be
adopted by the vote of the two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.


Article VIII- Activities

The Turkish Student Association can not engage in any activity which
violates the Brandeis University Charter, the University Judicial Code,
the Constitution or by-laws of Student Union, or endangering the
tax-exempt status of the University.


Mia Medina

Isak Deeskinazis


Dan Hananel


Melis Alguadis Alex Mizan


Zeynep Akcakoca Ahu Karan


Solita Kalaora Lesli Yenni


Sedat Behar Evren Sungur


Seli Kaya Mark Nahmias


Zeynep Saltuk Gaye Ozpinar







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