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Can't we All Just Get Along?
By Rebecca Langer
Originally printed in the 03/24/03 issue of the Brandeis Free Press

Wouldn’t it be nice if we really could all just get along? Too bad the “peace- loving-liberals” refuse to allow that to happen.
On our very own “liberal” and “diverse” campus professors call students with differing views “freaks”. Thank you Professor, but I prefer to think of myself as morally conscious. It’s a shame that in the academic setting of
this “liberal” institution the only views able to be expressed without fear of retribution are “Liberal” ones.
According to CNN.com, thousands of Palestinian protesters marched in support of Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat and called for the burning of Tel-Aviv.

How can a true American defend standing with the Palestinian protesters who are calling for an attack purely on innocent civilians and not on a dangerous leader?

I understand not wanting innocent civilians to die - no one in his or her right mind does - but by opposing this war, protestors are supporting some of the worst terrorists in the world! That said, my views on the war are not what are important. What is important is that the war in underway and this is no time to stand against our country and against each other.

This is not like other wars where we could afford to maintain an isolationist foreign policy and be fine. The prospect of Saddam attaining some of the most dangerous weapons in the world would most certainly affect us. We are not as strong as we like to believe we are - the events of 9/11 have proven that. Our brave soldiers are fighting and risking their own lives to protect ours.

Rallying against this war will not change the actions already being taken by our government.
However, what it will do is demoralize our troops. How much more unappreciative can we be if we won’t even support the men and women who are giving their lives so that we may live our own in greater security? If you disagree with me, fine, skip class to make your point and deny yourselves the Western education we are so privileged to have available to
us. However, you would be much braver to take your seats in a national security class and learn how you might actually be able to help instead of shouting empty words and rudely taking away from the education many of us came to Brandeis seeking to gain.

Personally, I take pride in my Western education. I know that is what helps make me better than the leaders of rogue nations and I know that many citizens of these rogue nations long for such an education.
I am proud to be a citizen of a country that hopes to provide these oppressed people with the privilege of greater education and freedom to express themselves.

As Americans we don’t have to agree, but we must stand united against the terrorism and radicalism for which our troops are so nobly fighting to stop. We must stand united against those who support Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat and the murdering of innocent civilians for which those two work so hard. Furthermore, we must stand united with each other in wanting citizens of the world to live under the safest governments possible. After all, you may not like the actions of our government, but at least you have the right to say so. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Iraqi people had the same within their own government?

G-d bless America and may our troops have a speedy return home

Copyright 2003--United We Stand, Brandeis University