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First Day Of War against Iraq

On the first day after the start of the war to disarm Iraq and free its people, United We Stand rallied to support our country and our troops.

We held a table open all day - 9am - 5pm - even though all of our members attended all of their classes, and some, like Ari, attend several extra ones just to make up for the anti-war strikers!  We distributed over 450 ribbons.  Ribbons went really fast and towards the end we had to get creative - when the pins ran out we braided red white & blue ribbons together and people would put them in their hair, on their wrists, or tied them to their backpacks!   Some of the Student Center staff came by and collected ribbons to distribute to their co-workers - they had to come back several times to get more.  We had all sorts of people come: undergraduates, graduates, alumns, staff, etc.   Surprisingly, people prefered the huge red white and blue 6 inch ribbons to the small demure yellow ones.  Typical exchange:

"Would you like a ribbon?" asks a hopeful UWSer as she holds out a ribbon.

"Do you have anything bigger?" replies the student.

"How's this?"

"Is this the biggest you have?" the student asks with a trace of disappointment as he pins on a ribbon that covers half his chest.

At the table, we also collected over 250 signatures to get our club chartered by the University (we are only recognized at the moment) and got over 160 signatures to a petition of support for our President and his decision to forcefully disarm Iraq.

Besides the table, eight people led a march through the anti-war protest up on Rabb steps.  We walked right through their crowd and past the speaker, waving our flags, holding signs, and looking all around red white & blue!  We had people present there for several hours, eliciting angry comments from students, professors, and speakers.  

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped out!  And thank you to everyone who just stopped by the table to offer your support.  Despite the gravity of what is happening, it was a good day.

Hopefully, we will have some photos up soon of the events.

Reactions to the days events

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