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United We Stand is dedicated to providing an outlet for Brandeis students to express their support for America, its troops, allies, and the on-going war against terrorists. We believe that although war is horrible, there are times when it is a necessary evil, when it is unavoidable—as in the case of Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

We believes in attaining a real secure peace; this will only come about when foreign nations and organizations cease actively plotting to murder Americans and civilians world-wide. We must remain vigilant against terrorists and push for freedom and democracy world-wide. As President Reagan once said, "America must remain freedom's staunchest friend, for freedom is our best ally… Every victory for human freedom will be a victory for world peace."

Our parents faced a giant evil empire and they triumphed. Today, we face many small evil empires and we too will triumph.

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This list is meant primarily for Brandeis students (it will have meeting announcements, logistics info, etc) though all are welcome to join.  Each e-mail contains instructions on how to get off the list..

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