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Related Clubs/Organizations at Other Universities
Oxford Democracy Forum - Oxford University
Princeton Committee Against Terrorism - Princeton University
Students United For America - Columbia University
Students For Protecting America - Harvard University Law School

Yale College Students For Democracy - Yale University
Students For War 

Blogs Of War
Brandeis Vanguard
Campus Nonsense

National Organizations
Americans for Victory over Terrorism
Free Republic
Foundation for Defense of Democracy
Give War A Chance (Young Americans for Freedom)
Patriots for the Defense of America

International Organizations
Yellow Ribbon Germany

Political Cartoons/Commercials/Movies
Cox And Forkum (Political Cartoons)
Grouchy Media (Patriotic Videos)
"The Price of Peace"--Flash Movie (Note: Disturbing images; viewer discretion advised)

Ways to Support Our Troops
Adopt A Platoon--Soldier Support Effort
Books for Bases Program
Hugs To Kuwait--Adopt a Soldier
GI Pizza--Send Pizza to Our Troops

Operation Dear Abby
Operation Military Pride
Operation Military Support
Operation Shoebox
Operation TroopTrax
Operation Uplink
Operation USO Care Package
Pizza IDF--Send Pizza to Israeli and American troops!
The Home Front--Companies Supporting Our Troops

Military Links
Air Force
Coast Guard
Reserve Affairs
Army Reserve
Navy Reserve
Air Force Reserve
Marine Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve
National Guard
Air National Guard
Army National Guard
Air Force ROTC

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