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Current News
United We Stand is now an officially recognized club! Thank you to everyone who came to the Senate meeting this Monday. Current projects:

If you are interested in helping to plan any of these events, want to offer help, or just wish to pledge your support, please contact either the President, Mira Meyerovich (mira@brandeis.edu) or the Secretary, Josh Wiznitzer (joshwiz@brandeis.edu).

Coming soon: we will be breaking up into committees to pursue different projects. This page will list each committee, who is in charge of it, and contact information.

Press Release
03/10/2003 - A Letter From The Front
02/14/2003 - United We Stand Encourages Participation in Operation Dear Abby
02/13/2003 - United We Stand Announces Yellow Ribbon Campaign

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Thank You To:
John Little of Blogs Of War who designed this site's template for us
Eric Chen of SU4A for providing us with information
Eric Guttman of SU4A for helping us out with our organization
Josh's Mom for donating lots of patriotic art supplies

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