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Professor Peter Woll's

Politics 117a, Administrative Law

Spring 2015

Federal Circuit Courts

Legal Research Resources

Recent Supreme Court Cases:

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red ball The United States Constitution

red ball The Bill of Rights

red ball Hieros Gamos Guide to Civil Rights

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Class Assignments Part I

Opening Day Jan 14

Creation of Agencies

Congress Passes the Buck

The Role of Courts in the Administrative Process

The Scope of Judicial Review

Problems with Statutory Vagueness

Procedural Requirements for Agency Proceedings


How to Brief a Case

Example of a Case Brief

Jan 16-28-Selected Cases to be Assigned

Agencies and the Structural Constitution

Assessing the Constitutionality of the Administrative State

Jan 30-Feb 6

The Constitutionality of Empowering Agencies to Adjudicate Individual Disputes


Feb 11-25