Politics 117a

Brandeis University

Politics Department

Professor Peter Woll

Final Examination Review
Exam Format

Part I (60%)

This part of the exam consists of 6 short or relatively short answer questions out of a choice of 10 questions. You will be asked to identify and explain in the broader context of administrative law the significance of cases and concepts. You should for starters give the court's reasoning and rule of law in cases, then discuss their significance. Some questions will ask you to contrast several cases.

For example: Identify and explain the significance of:

1. Bailey v. Richardson and the privilege doctrine. In what later cases did the Court adopt the "bitter with the sweet" approach to the right to a hearing?

2. Sierra Club v. Morton and the doctrine of standing. How did the Court modify the Sierra ruling in later cases?

3. John Locke's theory of government and the Schechter Rule.

Part II (40%)

Here I ask you to select five cases, DIFFERENT than the cases you chose for Part I, to illustrate:
  1. A judicial success in protecting individual rights and/or interests in the administrative process;
  2. a judicial failure to protect individual rights or interests;
  3. judicial deference to administrative action;
  4. judicial activism in reviewing administrative action;
  5. discretionary administrative action.

Cases to Review for Part I

  1. Schechter v. United States
  2. Yakus v. United States
  3. Lichter v. United States
  4. Kent v. Dulles
  5. Mistretta v. United States
  6. Industrial Union Dept., AFL-CIO v. American Petroleum Institute (the Benzene case)
  7. Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Schor
  8. Londoner v. Denver
  9. Bi-Metallic v. Colorado
  10. Wong Yang Sung v. McGrath
  11. United States v. Florida East Coast Railway Co.
  12. American Medical Association v. United States
  13. National Black Media Coalition v. FCC
  14. SEC v. Chenery Corp. (Chenery I and II)
  15. Universal Camera v. NLRB
  16. Goldberg v. Kelly
  17. Mathews v. Eldridge
  18. Chevron v. NRDC
  19. Allen v. Wright
  20. Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife
  21. North American Cold Storage v. Chicago
  22. Bailey v. Richardson
  23. Board of Regents v. Roth