Brandeis University

Politics 14b Final Examination Review 2006

Dec. 13, 2006

Shiffman 216, 1:30-4:00pm

(50%) Question 1

I will ask you to identify and explain the significance of terms, cases, institutions, theories, etc.

For example, if I ask you to identify and explain "group theory" you would discuss Truman, Lowi, and ideally Schattschneider, stating their views on group theory and how they view the significance of interest groups in government. You of course should where relevant bring in text and lecture material beyond the readings and cases in the Woll Reader.

I will ask you to choose 5 questions out of a list, and we will count only the first five you answer.

For this question prepare and brief analysis of the following. Note that a short answer question may include more than one of these review topics.

(50%) Question II

Areas to study include:

1. The nature of Congress and how its structure (committees and congressional parties), behavior (mamber incentives), and role in elections adds to or detracts from the constitutional and party models of government and of the role of Congress.

2. The role of a responsible two-party system and how more disciplined parties would impact the role of Congress and the Presidency in the separation of powers system.

3. The Hamilton theory of the unified presidency in Federalist 70, versus the Madison model of balanced powers in Federalist 47, 48, and 51.

4. Political pluralism, group theory, and the role of "factions" in the political process.