Where the Children Play
Brandeis' Arts & Literary Magazine


Next issue's deadline: April 16th, 2010

Contact us:
Elizabeth Sinclair, editor-in-chief
Carolyn Burns, editor-in-chief
Use this email for submissions<-

Submissions are accepted year-round at the above address.
Our magazine is published once per semester.

-Where the Children Play typically meets on Sunday nights in the BMC (Brandeis Media Coalition) which is located on the third floor of Shapiro Campus Center.

- The magazine was established in fall 1994 by Phil Robinson Ď98 and Abigail Myers í98. The publication is named after Cat Stevenís song Where Do the Children Play?

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Submission Guidelines

GENERAL guidelines

o        Send your submissions as attachments to wtcp@brandeis.edu. Do not include any identifying information on your submissions (e.g., your name). We vote on all submissions blindly.

o        In the body of the email message, include your name and phone number (in case we need to reach you during layout). Please also include the titles of your submissions; make note of any submissions you wish to leave untitled or published anonymously. Let us know if you are submitting your pieces to other campus publication so we donít duplicate.

o        To submit in hard copy, send your submissions via campus mail to MB 2094, Elizabeth Sinclair. (You should use both the name and the box number.) If you want your work back, include a self-addressed envelope. THERE IS NO MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS. Submit away! Likewise, submissions are accepted all year round.

ART guidelines

o        Any genre of art that fits on a flat page is welcome. We have in the past published photography, photo art, drawings, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, etc...

o        We publish mostly in black-and-white, and on glossy paper. The cover and centerfold are in color. Although we accept color submissions, we sometimes convert them to black and white during the reviewing process.

o        Our magazine is in a vertical orientation; we generally have an easier time using vertical ("portrait style") artwork than horizontal ("landscape style").

o        We strongly prefer digital submissions to hard-copy ones. If this is a problem for you, you may still submit in hard copy. You can also photograph your art and email it, or set up a meeting with us to photograph your work.

o        If your photographs contain recognizable human subjects, you are responsible for obtaining their permission before submitting.


o        All genres of poetry are welcome, but in English only. (Phrases in other languages may, of course, be included; we cannot ensure fair review of work that is not primarily English-oriented, however.)

o        We generally only publish one text piece per contributor, though we often publish both text and art by the same contributor.

o        Please keep each individual submission within three single-spaced pages. (Your combined submissions may total more than this; you are welcome to submit as many three-page pieces as you like.) There is no minimum length.

o        If your submission has already been published OR accepted by another publication, at Brandeis or elsewhere, please let us know. This is not grounds for automatic rejection by any means, but it is something we'd like to be able to take into consideration.

MUSIC guidelines

o        Where the Children Play also publishes sheet music submissions. If you submit sheet music, please include (or separately email us) a tape, CD, or MP3 of your submission.