"Forging Ahead, Forming Connections"

The above phrase represents the spirit of my campaign. Next year will be a defining year in Brandeis history. We will be making more budget cuts, implementing the Justice Brandeis Semester, and despite this, fighting for improvements in student life. I believe that just because we are in a tight financial situation does not mean we should forget about improving campus life and community responsibility.

The Student Union can be very effective when it is fighting for and with the student body. In this past year, the Student Union has gained legitimacy in the eyes of the Administration. Dialogue between the Administration and the Student Union is starting to become a two-way street. The next step to this transformation is connecting the Student Union to the student body. As President, I will be committed to forming this connection. Please see the What I Will Do section for concrete ideas and proposals.

As a member of the Student Union Executive Board, I have gained crucial experience that is exceptionally applicable to the Presidency. I have created the necessary relationships with the Administration and if presented with a problem, know exactly where to go and whom to turn to. This experience will be invaluable in the everyday occupations of the President. While creating these relationships with the Administration, I continued my commitment to the Outreach Committee, never losing sight of how to connect the Student Union with the student body.

Finally, this campaign is about you, the student body. I want to hear your ideas, so we can better the Brandeis community together. Please email me at alhogan@brandeis.edu with any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns.

Thank you for your support.

~Andrew Hogan