Azadeh Samadani
Office: Abelson-Bass-Yalem

Samadani Lab

Assistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Clark University, 2002

Azadeh Samadani's research interests include understanding of the DNA repair mechanism during mating type switching in yeast, directional sensing mechanisms of eukaryotic cells, non-genetic individuality, noise in biological systems, swimming microorganisms, population dynamics, pattern formation, complex materials and microfluidic devices. Her lab places a major emphasis in combining quantitative experimental methods with theoretical approaches to study biology at the systems level.

                                                                    Postdoctoral position availabe

Sample of Recent Publications

Roman Stocker, Justin Seymour, A. Samadani, Dana E. hunt, and Martin F. Poltz “Rapid Chemotactic response enables marine bacteria to exploit ephemeral microscale nutrient patches", Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 105, 4209 (2008)

A. Samadani, J. Mettetal and A. van Oudenaarden, “Cellular assymettry and individuality in directional sensing,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 103, 11549 (2006)

S.Y Liu ,W. G. Tharp, D. Irimia, A. Samadani, M. Poznansky, “Adaptation mechanisms of Neutrophils in response to the gradient reversal,” Lab on a chip, 6(2): 191-8 (2006)

W. G. Tharp, A. Upadhyaya, R. Yadav, D. Irimia, A. Samadani, O. Hurtado, S. Nourshargh, A. van Oudenaarden, M. Toner, M. Poznansky, “Bi-directional migration of neutrophils in a defined chemokine gradient in vitro and in vivo,” J Leukoc Biol. Dec 19 (2005)

S. Nowak, A. Samadani and A. Kudrolli, “Maximum angle of stability of a wet granular pile,” Nature Physics 1, 50-52 (2005)

A. Upadhyaya, J. R. Chabot, A. Andreeva, A. Samadani and A. van Oudenaarden, Probing polymerization forces by using actin-propelled lipid vesicles, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 100, 4521 (2003)

A. Samadani, L. Mahadevan and A. Kudrolli, “Shocks in sand flowing in a silo,” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 452, 293 (2002)

A. Samadani and A. Kudrolli, “Angle of repose and segregation in cohesive granular matter,” Physical Review E 64, 051301 (2001)

A. Delprato, A. Samadani, A. Kudrolli and L. Tsimring, “Swarming ring patterns in bacterial colonies exposed to ultraviolet radiation,” Physical Review Letters 87, 158102 (2001)

A. Samadani and A. Kudrolli, “Segregation transition in wet granular matter,” Physical Review Letters 85, 5102 (2000)

A. Samadani, A. Pradhan and A. Kudrolli, “Size segregation of granular materials in silo discharges,” Physical Review E 60,7203 (1999)