Seminar Goals and Guidelines

As with any inderdisciplinary activity it is important to be clear on some goals and guidelines. Here are some of my best guesses as to what they should be for this seminar series.

  1. Overview: This series tries to bring together a wide range of Brandeis faculty from all fields who are looking at interesting new data sets and/or using new techniques in their analysis of data. The idea is to make faculty aware of what sorts of research is going on across campus, and to help in the sharing of tools and methods across disciplines. It is important to keep in mind that for us “data” can mean many things. It could be typical data sets (social science surveys), video images, music scores, textual information, radar data, temperature maps, mobility information …. (We are open to anything.)

  2. Structure: Talks are generally set to be relatively short (between 20-40 minutes), and basically introduce a picture of what you are doing and data/tools you think are interesting. We may occasionally combine speakers with a second related speaker. (Not really a discussant, but someone who might comment on some of the tools.) We also save lots of time for general discussion at the seminars. Assume the audience is a general set of Brandeis faculty who have an interest in empirical work in all fields.

  3. Logistics: For the moment, we plan to do the seminars fully remote (zoom of course), and we would like to stay with a slot that we have found pretty useful (Wed 4-5pm). However, we can be flexible on times. We hope to have between 4-6 speakers arranged across the semester. Unless there some special restrictions, we would like to record the seminars and make them available to others in the group.

  4. Organization: For this semester we will be arranging the seminar using Google Groups and this somewhat primitive website. Interested faculty will be able to “opt in” at the beginning of the semester, and will then receive email reminders on seminars. I will also maintain some information on my own website to allow speakers to post some supporting information.