So, I'll be honest:

I don't actually have a "real" blog.

I'm a student, and rather busy.

But I intend to play with blosxom or maybe moveable type.

I've already downloaded the blosxom cgi and standalone Mac OSX installer.

I haven't used the installer yet because
1) I like to get my hands inside technological things rather than have a program do them for me, and
2) My powerbook tends to move around with me a fair amount, so hosting a site off of it would be fun play, but not too practical

I'll probably play with Blosxom this summer.

For now, I have a livejournal.

But, for personal reasons, I went friends only.

You're welcome to look at my old LJ posts that are still unprotected,

or email me at,

or peruse what content I currently have on my Webpage.

Thanks for visiting!