Women Leaders and Transformation in Developing Countries
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Available Profiles:

Name Birth/Death Title/Position Country of Origin
Aquino, Corazon Cojuangco 1933- First President of the Republic of the Philippines (1986-1992) Philippines
Barrow, Dame Ruth Nita 1916-1995 Governor-General (1990-1995)
Ambassador to the U.N. (1986-1990)
Brundtland, Dr. Gro Harlem 1939- Director, World Health Organization (1998-)
Prime Minister (1981, 1986-89, 1991-96)
Dreifuss, Ruth 1940- President (1999) Switzerland
Ching-Ling, Soong (Madame Sun Yat-Sen) 1893-1981 Honorary President China
Moseley-Braun, Carol 1947- U.S. Senate (1992-1998) U.S.A.
Machel, Graca 1946- Chairperson of the First U.N. Report on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Children Mozambique
Tum, Rigoberta Menchú 1959- Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1992) Guatemala

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