immortal wishes:
labor and transcendence
on a Japanese sacred mountain

Ellen Schattschneider

Duke University Press (2003)


Teaching Resources

Akakura Mountain Shrine

Architecture and Natural Features

(see esp. Chapter Two, "Between Worlds: Akakura's Architecture of Potential Transformation")

See: Slide show of Akakura architectural and natural features


Sacred architectural sites in the Akakura complex include:

Conventional architectural spaces:

Important outdoor sites on Akakura Mountain include:



Internet Resources on Japanese religious architecture

An excellent on line, illustrated resource on Shinto architecture and sacral space, developed by UC-Berekely graduate student Vimalin Rujivacharakul.

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Jinja (Shrine)

This helpful entry explains the major compoments of a Shinto shrine. From the Glossary of Shinto Names and Terms
A helpful on line dictionary of Shinto terms, prepared by the Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University

Japanese Art and Architecture

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