immortal wishes:
labor and transcendence
on a Japanese sacred mountain

Ellen Schattschneider

Duke University Press (2003)

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Akakura Mountain Shrine Rituals



Worshippers at Akakura memorize and perform a number of prayers, including:

  • The Akakura Norito (Prayers). Revealed to the foundress in a set of golden scrolls presented by the divinity Akakura Daigongen
  • The Buddhist Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo). A Sanskrit prayer that is popular in esoteric Buddhist practice.
  • Fudo-son-ken-Kudoku-no-mon (Special prayers for Fudo Myoo)


The shrine hymn, "Saigi, Saigi" (Repentence, Repentence) is performed at many ritual occassions.

Internet Resources on Shinto Prayers:


Norito (Prayers)

From the Glossary of Shinto Names and Terms
A helpful on line dictionary of Shinto terms, prepared by the Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University





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