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George J. Hall


Department of Economics

Brandeis University


"US Monetary, Financial, and Fiscal Priorities" (with Jonathan Payne, Balint Szoke, and Thomas Sargent) January 2024.

"Fiscal Consequences of the US War on COVID" (with Thomas Sargent) November 2023.

"Estimating Historical Yield Curves With Sparse Data" (with Jonathan Payne, Balint Szoke, and Thomas Sargent) July 2023.

"US Federal Debt 1776-1960: Prices and Quantities" (with Jonathan Payne, Thomas Sargent and Balint Szoke), updated August 2021.
"A Comparison of Discrete and Parameteric Approximation Methods for Continuous-State Dynamic Programming Problems" (with Hugo Benitez-Silva, Gunter Hitsch, Giorgio Pauletto, and John Rust), October 2000. This paper is preliminary and incomplete.

"An (S,s) Model of Commodity Price Speculation" (with John Rust), November 1999. [postscript file] [pdf file]


"Costs of Financing US Federal Debt Under a Gold Standard: 1791-1933" (with Jonathan Payne, Balint Szoke, and Thomas Sargent) accepted, Quarterly Journal of Economics.

"Review of Barry Eichengreen, Asma El-Gamainy, Rui Esteves, and Kris James Mitchener: In Defense of Public Debt " Business Economics, 2023.

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