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Benefits of ConcepTests

Almost anything is an improvement over lectures that are highly redundant with the text book. But here are some of the specific benefits of the intensive use of ConcepTests to foster full participation in classroom discussion:

(1) Because the classroom activities are not redundant with the book, attendance is better.

(2) Because the students are active, they don't fall asleep.

(3) Because textbook material is not repeated, the students learn to read the book. (In fact, it is alarming how many students these days have not learned to read a science book because they were never responsible for anything that was not in their high school teachers' lectures.)

(4) Both the students and the professor get constant real-time feed-back on how well learning is progressing.

(5) By articulating their ideas, students frame them better and remember them better (just as professors do when they teach).

(6) Students learn that discussion of ideas is not just for the humanities and social sciences.

(7) ConcepTests can make demonstrations much more valuable by asking in advance for predictions of what will happen and asking afterwards for inferences from what did happen.

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