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Harold Sultan

Harold Sultan
Eastman, Georgia : Habitat for Humanity

About Me
I am an Instructor in Mathematics at Brandeis. Previously I earned my PhD from Columbia, where my advisors were Jason Behrstock and Walter Neumann.
Research Interests
Geometric Group Theory , Low Dimension Topology
Mapping Class Groups , Teichmuller Theory
Contact Me

Office: Goldsmith 206
Phone: (781) 736-3068



With R. Charney. Contracting Boundaries of CAT(0) spaces. (arXiv version preprint) ; submitted (2013)

Hyperbolic quasi-geodesics in CAT(0) spaces
Geometriae Dedicata ( arXiv version ) (2013)

Explicit equivalences between CAT(0) hyperbolic type geodesics
(arXiv version) (2012)

Asymptotic cone of Teichmuller space: thickness and divergence, Ph.D. thesis, 2012 ( arXiv version )

Separating Pants Decompositions in the Pants Complex
New York Journal of Mathematics, Vol 18, (2012), 79-93.

Separating Curve Complex of the Genus Two Surface is Hyperbolic
Topology Proceedings; Vol. 44, (2014), 161-176.
Spring 2013
Math 15A: Applied Linear Algebra
Math 121B: Topology II

Fall 2012
Math 28A: Introduction to Groups
Math 121A: Topology I

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