Ivan Horozov

Ph.D., Mathematics, Brown University

I have moved to the University of Tuebingen, Germany.
Please see my new web page here: http://www.mathematik.uni-tuebingen.de/~horozov


My main research interests include Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry, more specifically themes related to arithmetic groups. Recently, I became interested in application of higher categories to Algebraic Topology and the relation of the latter with arithmetic groups.



---      curriculum vitae

---      research interests

---      publications and preprints


Recent papers:

 ---        Non-commutative reciprocity laws on a Riemann surface, preprint 2007 (pdf)

 ---        Two dimensional non-commutative modular symbol, preprint in http://arxiv.org/, math.NT/0611955, 2006 (pdf)

 ---        Multiple zeta functions, modular forms and adeles, preprint, math.NT/0611849, 2006, (pdf)

 ---        Cohomology of GL(4,Z) with non-trivial coefficients, preprint in http://arxiv.org/, math.NT/0611847, 2005 (pdf)



Teaching SPRING 2009:

 ---        Math 28a “Introduction to Groups”–          classes schedule - info

 ---        Math 101b “Algebra II” – classes schedule - info

---         Reading coursesschedule;


Teaching /previous years/:



Everytopic Seminar

(For the current seminar schedule, please see here  )



Contact information (old):

Ivan Horozov          
Office #96-205
Department of Mathematics, MS 050
Office telephone: (617) 736-3056
Brandeis University
FAX: (617) 736-3085
415 South Street
E-mail:  ihorozov<at>brandeis<dot>edu
Waltham, MA 02454

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