Everytopic Seminar

Department of Mathematics, Brandeis University

Friday, 1:40 pm – 3:00pm

Location: Building: Goldsmith, Room 226


The Everytopic Seminar is an amalgamation of the Fellowship of the Ring Seminar and the Everyperson Seminar. The talks will be 80 minutes, with the first half of the talk given in a colloquium style, which will be accessible to faculty and graduate students from any field of mathematics, and allow everyone to grasp the content and significance of the theorem(s) being discussed. The last 40 minutes will be in the style of a research seminar, providing the audience with a deeper understanding of the results as well as some details of the proof.


Schedule of Talks, Fall 2008




Sep 19

Kiyoshi Igusa, (Brandeis)

Catalan numbers and exceptional sequences

Sep 26

Barak Weiss (Ben Gurion University, Israel)

Lattice surfaces, the Veech dichotomy and generalizations

Oct 3

Elijah Liflyand (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

The Fourier transform of general monotone functions

Oct 17

Leo Goldmakher, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Pretentious behavior in number theory

Oct 24

Loring Tu (Tufts)

Computing the Gysin homomorphism using fixed points

Oct 31

Carl-Friedrich Boedigheimer (University of Bonn)

Harmonic functions, graphs, and tesselations of Riemann surfaces

Nov 7

Maciej (Matt) Szczesny, (BU)

Algebraic and categorical structures in the renormalization of perturbative quantum field theories

Nov 14

Paul Gunnells (UMass)

Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet Series

Nov 21

Matthew Headrick (Brandeis)

Ricci flow and some applications



Schedule of Talks, Spring 2008




Jan 25

Ivan Horozov (Brandeis)

Non-abelian Reciprocity Laws on a Riemann Surface

Feb 29

Kiyoshi Igusa, (Brandeis)

Iterated integrals and chain homotopy

March 14

Avner Ash, Boston College

Stable Group Homology and Hecke Operators

April 4

Yuuji Tanaka, (MIT)

The Donaldson-Thomas instantons on compact Kahler threefolds

April 11

Glenn Stevens, BU

The Milnor Ring and Special Values of $L$-functions

April 29


Shoshana Abramovich (University of Haifa)

On Superquadracity

May 2 (11am)

Alvaro Pelayo, (MIT)

Symplectic 4-Manifolds with Torus Actions

May 5


Junbo Wang, (Brandeis)

Diophantine approximation of linear forms.


Schedule of Talks, Fall 2007




Sep 18

Alan Haynes, (Brandeis)

Farey fractions and the Riemann Hypothesis

Oct 2

Scott Carnahan, (MIT)

Monstrous Lie algebras and generalized moonshine

Oct 16

Paul Monsky, (Brandeis)

Two conjectures, one false and one dubious

Oct 23

Bong Lian, (Brandeis)

Fourier-Mukai numbers of K3 surfaces and class numbers

Oct 30

Matthias Schuett, (Harvard)

Singular K3 surfaces and complex multiplication

Nov 20

Kiyoshi Igusa, (Brandeis)

Introduction to matroids and oriented matroids

Nov 27

David Whitehouse, (MIT)

Periods and central L-values

Dec 4

Lior Silberman, (Harvard)

Spectra of random graphs and groups


As indicated by the name, the Everytopic Seminar is open to any field of mathematics. If you have any suggestions for a speaker, or would like to give a talk, please contact Ivan Horozov.



Last year’s talks:


Spring 2006 Talks




Jan 19

Noam Elkies (Harvard)

Ranks of elliptic curves and surfaces

Jan 26

Jayadev Athreya (Yale)

Ergodic theory of billiards and group actions on parameter spaces

Feb 2

Joel Bellaiche (Columbia)

Extensions of Galois representations

Feb 16

Jeehoon Park (BU)

The rationality of elliptic units for real quadratic fields over genus fields

Mar 12

Jim Tseng (Brandeis)

The Shrinking Target Properties for Circle Rotations

Mar 30

Makis Dousmanis (Brandeis)

Constructing 2-dimensional crystalline representations (PDF)

Apr 20

Dmitry Kleinbock (Brandeis)

Expanding translates of horospheres and their applications to number theory

Mon Apr 30,

Alexander Charis (Brandeis)

From modular forms to automorphic representations


Fall 2006 Talks




Sept 15

Ivan Horozov (Brandeis)

Multiple zeta functions, modular forms, and iteration over the adeles

Sept 29

George McNinch (Tufts)

Nilpotent orbits of a reductive group in positive characteristic

Oct 6

Ralph Kaufmann (UConn)

Operads, Strings and Deligne's conjecture

Oct 27

Abhinav Kumar (MIT/Microsoft)

Universally optimal distributions of points on spheres (PDF)

Nov 3

Lauren Williams (Harvard)

Tableaux combinatorics for the asymmetric exclusion process

Nov 10

David Rohrlich (BU)

Scarcity and abundance of trivial zeros in division towers

Nov 17

Adam Piggott (Tufts)

Relative train track representatives of free-group automorphisms

Dec 1

Paul Monsky (Brandeis)

Hilbert-Kunz theory for a power series in s + 1 variables, particularly when s = 2