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The Prehistoric People Project

The Prehistoric People Project...

* is an enrichment program designed for students from grades four through tweleve in both private and public schools.
* presents the progress of prehistoric peoples over the past four million years up to the invention of writing about five thousand years ago.
* illustrates the lecture with authentic stone age tools on loan from the Fowler Museum of Cultural History at UCLA.
* is taught by specially trained volunteer teachers in individual classes of under thirty-five students and is conducted in an open, give-and-take manner.
* functions as a "traveling museum" as students are able to hold and touch the ancient tools which are usually behind glass.
* fits into the school schedule, lasting from as little as forty five minutes to as long as one hour and a half.
* may be used as an introduction or in conjunction with a science or social studies unit or even as a review.
* is under the aegis of the Bruce Museum's Brucemobile.
* can schedule "Assembly Programs" for several classes in an auditorium setting : Topics are: "First Cities," "Egypt," "Greece," and "Rome."
* is scheduled by schools in Fairfield County (CT) or Westchester County (NY) by calling (203) 869-6786 x338, The Bruce Museum Education Department.