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Recent work

Technology Diversity and Development: Evidence from China’s Industrial Enterprises  (revise and resubmit, Journal of Comparative Economics)

Science and Technology Takeoff in Theoretical and Empirical Perspective (discussion paper, comments welcome)

A Great Wall of Patents: What is Behind China’s Recent Patent Explosion?  (revise and resubmit, Journal of Development Economics)

Forthcoming publications (PDF format)

Productivity Growth and Convergence Across China’s Industrial Economy (forthcoming, Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies)


Science and Technology in China (forthcoming, Brandt and Rawski, China’s Great Economic Transformation, Cambridge University Press)


R&D and Innovation in China” Has China Begun its S&T Takeoff? (Harvard China Review)

Recent publications (PDF format)

Science and Technology Takeoff in China? Sources of Rising R&D Intensity, Asia Pacific Business Review, 2007, 13,2: 357-371.

Privatization and Restructuring in China: Evidence from Shareholding Ownership, 1995-2001 (Journal of Comparative Economics, 34(2006), 146-166.)


R&D and Technology Transfer: Firm-Level Evidence from Chinese Industry (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2005, 87,4:780-786.)

R and D Performance in Chinese Industry  (Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2006, vol 15,4-5:345-366.)

Ownership, Performance, and Innovation in China's Large and Medium-Size Industrial Enterprise Sector (China Economic Review, 14,1:2003)

An Investigation of Firm-Level R&D Capabilities in East Asia (Global Production Networking and Technological Change in East Asia, eds. S. Yusuf, M. Altaf, and K. Nabeshima, World Bank and Oxford University Press, 2004).

Returns to Research and Development in Chinese Industry: Evidence from State-Owned Enterprises in Beijing,” (China Economic Review, 14,1:2003)


What is Driving China’s Decline in Energy Intensity? (Resource and Energy Economics, 26:2004)

China's Evolving (Implicit) Economic Constitution (China Economic Review, 13,4:2002)

China's Emerging Market for Property Rights: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives (Economics of Transition, 10,3:2002)

Manuscripts: submitted and in process (PDF format)

China’s technology transformation: Diffusion and intensification of R&D effort in China’s firms and research institutes (pending NSF grant application; comments are welcome)

Science and Technology in China (prepared for the conference China’s Economic Transition: Origins, Mechanisms, and Consequences,” Pittsburgh, November 5-7, 2004; under revision for conference volume)