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Research interests

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I am currently on leave from Brandeis to serve as Director of NSF's Linguistics Program.

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For copies of papers co-authored with Soowon Kim, please contact him at

Wiese, Heike, and Joan Maling. 2005. 'Beers, kaffi and schnaps: different grammatical options for restaurant talk coercions in three Germanic languages', Journal of Germanic Linguistics 17: 1-38. [ pdf ]

Maling, Joan. 2002. 'Það rignir þágufalli á Íslandi (Verbs with dative objects in Icelandic)', Íslenskt mál 24: 31-105. [ regular pdf | 2up pdf ]

Maling, Joan, and Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir. 2002. 'The "new impersonal" construction in Icelandic', Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 5: 97-142. [ regular pdf | 2up pdf ]

Maling, Joan. 2001. 'Dative: the heterogeneity of the mapping among morphological case, grammatical functions, and thematic roles', Lingua 111: 419-464. [ regular pdf | 2up pdf ]

Maling, Joan, Jongsup Jun & Soowon Kim. 2001. 'Case-marking on durative adverbials revisited', in H.-D. Ahn & N. Kim (eds.), Selected papers from the 12th international conference on Korean linguistics, Seoul: Kjungjin Publishing, pp. 323-335. [ pdf ]

Sigurjónsdóttir, Sigríður and Joan Maling. 2001. 'Það var hrint mér á leiðinni í skólann: þolmynd eða ekki þolmynd?', Íslenskt mál 23: 123-180. [ pdf ]

Maling, Joan. 2000a. 'An argument for subject gaps', in Y. Grodzinsky, L. Shapiro and D. Swinney (eds.), Language and the brain: representation and processing, San Diego: Academic Press, pp. 351-355. [ pdf ]

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