De Haas - van Alphen Oscillations in the Vortex State

  • Completed in the Theoretical Physics Group at the University of Bristol, U.K. under supervision by Professor B. L. Gyorffy.
  • Also included work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory , under supervision by Dr. G. M. Stocks in the Theory Group of the Metals and Ceramics Division.
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  • Below is a picture of a fully self-consistent solution of the microscopic equations for a simulated square vortex lattice in the superconducting state.

    The upper plane depicts the amplitude (height) and phase (colour) of the order parameter. Note the phase increases by 2 pi around each vortex where the amplitude of the gap falls to zero. The lower plane indicates the size and direction of electon currents along the links and the magnitude of the magnetic field in each lattice plaquette. The maximum field is shown in red at the centre of the vortex.

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